Meet Our Team

Amy Faber
Sr. Associate Vice President and Treasurer


Amy Faber, Sr. Associate Vice President and Treasurer, is responsible for banking relationships, cash, debt, investments and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance. In addition, Amy oversees the Auxiliary Services functions including dining, leasing, parking and du card services, university banking, university bookstore and vending services. Amy supports the Retirement Committee and the Investment Committee of the Board of Directors.

Chris Likens
Treasury Services Manager


Chris Likens, Treasury Services Manager, is responsible for credit card machine processes, commerce manager payment forms, PCI compliance, and the management of all cashiering functions, including: student payments and deposits, department budget deposits and handling University checks.  

Gary Satterwhite
Treasury Analyst


Gary Satterwhite, Treasury Analyst, supports functions related to cash management, investments and debt and is responsible for financial data and metrics that drive performance and position reporting.