Large Format Posters

  • Posters should be created full-size. (i.e. a 36"X48" poster should be designed using a 36"X48" slide)
  • Our large-format printers currently use three roll sizes, (24", 36" and 44"). Designing your poster to one of these sizes is preferred and eliminates the need to trim your poster after printing. The length of your poster may vary, but please try to keep the height to one of the sizes listed above.

Tips for Preparing a PowerPoint Slide for Large-Format Scientific/Conference Poster Printing

1. Create a new blank slide, then go to File > Page Setup. Select "Slide sized for: Custom" and change the measurements to the size of your poster in inches (i.e., 3' x 4' would be 36" x 48").

2. Use standard fonts, i.e., Arial, Helvetica, Times, etc. Make sure all bullets and special characters are in Symbol font, rather than using the characters in the font you use for the text; the special characters are not mapped correctly within such fonts between computer platforms.

3. The maximum size Powerpoint slide size is 56". If your poster needs to be longer than this, it can, in most cases, be enlarged and we recommend designing your poster half size. Please keep in mind that the proportions of your posters MUST remain the same. For example, we can't create a 44" X 72" poster from 24" X 36" slide. Enlarging a 24" X 36" file to 72" in length will result in a poster that is 48" in height.