Media Relations

There is always an abundance of things happening at Duquesne University and our media relations staff work closely with the media to:

  • Generate interest in newsworthy events, research and topical subjects impacting the local and national landscape;
  • Respond to inquiries from print, broadcast and Web-based outlets, including coordinating interviews with faculty and administrative experts on a variety of subjects;
  • Serve as a trusted resource for accurate facts, figures and information about the University; and
  • Act as the University’s spokespersons in the event of breaking news.

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Media Experts

In today’s 24-hour news environment, we understand the tight deadlines faced by reporters. Our media relations team is committed to meeting your needs promptly with the right faculty or administrative expert who can get to the point while providing appropriate context and background.

Duquesne University has many faculty experts that can speak to a variety of topics related to the current presidential administration.

If you are looking for an interview source for a story, please contact Gabrielle Payne, Rose Ravasio or Ken Walters.

Duquesne University Filming Policy

Throughout the year, faculty and staff receive outside requests to film or take photos on Duquesne's campus. Please note that all external requests for non-news photography and videography on campus must be arranged through and approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications in writing in advance of any production. This includes-but is not limited to-requests from external production firms, photographers, filmmakers, documentary producers, videographers and digital media firms, among others.

Any individual, organization or vendor interested in photographing or filming on campus (other than by Duquesne students for coursework for a Duquesne University class or student media projects done by Duquesne students) is first required to provide the following information to the Office of Marketing and Communications for consideration:

- A completed Campus Filming Inquiry Form detailing the proposed project (i.e. movie, TV show, interview for a documentary, etc.)
- Proof of insurance.

If a project is approved, a signed copy of the Duquesne University location agreement and additional documents (if necessary) must then be submitted to the Office of Marketing and Communications.

All requests that are reviewed by the Division of Marketing and Communications and determined to be possible appropriate projects will undergo a review by Risk Management and Legal Affairs, and other administrative units depending upon the nature of the request.

The review and approval process for filming/photography requests can take up to 30 days, depending on the project scope. Approval is not guaranteed.

Requests to film or take photographs on campus for the purposes of creating advertisements, testimonials or other marketing materials in order to sell a commercial product, service or entity, or in support of a political campaign or political viewpoints will not be granted.

Contact the Division of Marketing and Communications about film/photography requests by calling 412.396.6050.

Media Escort Policy

Duquesne University's campus is private property. Members of the media are asked to call the Division of Public Affairs at 412.396.6050 to request clearance to be on campus for filming and interviews. A member of the Media Relations team will decide whether to provide a staff member during filming/interviews on a case-by-case basis.

Emergency Communication

DU Emergency Alert: automated notification system that contacts students and employees via mobile devices, texts and non-Duquesne land lines.

Outside emergency warning system: provides electronic siren and voice notification via speakers throughout campus.

Cancellation and Office Closing Communication

Call 412.396.1700 or visit for up-to-date information on class cancellations and office closings due to weather.