University Safety Committee

This committee consists of representation by management from EHS, Public Safety, Emergency Planning and Risk Management. It meets biannually and its mission is to direct, oversee and coordinate all safety efforts on campus and to develop, maintain and disseminate University-wide educational EHS programs with an aim of continuously improving all aspects of environmental health and safety performance on campus.

EHS/Radiation Safety Committee

This committee consists of representatives from Biology, Chemistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physics, Instrumentation, Research, EHS and Facilities Management. It meets quarterly and its mission is to review lab safety items related to chemical, biological, and radioactive use, including accidents, training, upcoming events and new policies.

Labor Management Safety Committee

This committee consists of representatives from EHS, Faculty, Grounds, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Parking, Public Safety and Residence Life. It meets monthly and its mission is to identify and address environmental and procedural safety concerns, campus-wide.

Creating a safe working environment is everybody’s business and it not only benefits you and Duquesne University, but also fellow co-workers, students, visitors and even your family.

In order to recognize employees for working safely, promoting safety and for encouraging safe work practices, Duquesne University’s Labor /Management Safety Committee has revised its Safety Recognition and Incentive Program. This program is meant to positively reinforce the benefits of working safely through a proactive approach of recognition, evaluation and control of unsafe work practices and hazardous conditions.

Who is Eligible for the Program:

  • All full-time employees including clerical staff and administrators are eligible; it is no longer limited to union employees.
  • The employee must have been employed by Duquesne University for the entire fiscal quarter to be eligible for that quarter.

For eligibility purposes, the fiscal quarters run as follows:

  • 1st: July 1st – Sept 30th
  • 2nd: Oct 1st – Dec 31st
  • 3rd: Jan 1st – March 31st
  • 4th: April 1st – June 30th

The Labor/ Management Safety Incentive Program will be based on the Campus Safety Suggestion form submitted for that fiscal quarter which is considered by the Committee to greatly improve the environmental health and safety for University employees, students, visitors and/or property. In addition, the nominator must have no accidents or incidents in the fiscal quarter the Safety Suggestion Form is submitted.

Winner Selection and Recognition Incentives:

The winners of the best Campus Safety Suggestion submission will be voted on by the Labor/Management Safety Committee through a majority vote. That selection will be final. The name of the Safety Suggestion Form submitter will not be available to the Safety Committee during the vote. The only items voted on will be the contents of the Safety Suggestion Form. The Labor/Management Safety Committee will vote for the top three Campus Safety Suggestion Forms and will vote on the order of winners as well.

Winners will receive a gift card from Giant Eagle.

The following is a list of the prizes available for each fiscal quarter:

  • 1st - $100 Gift Card
  • 2nd - $75 Gift Card
  • 3rd - $50 Gift Card

If no winner(s) have been chosen for a particular fiscal quarter, the prize amounts will not roll-over to the next fiscal quarter. Each prize amounts are only good for each fiscal quarter. Labor/Management Safety Committee members are not eligible to participate in this Safety Incentive Program.

If identical safety suggestions are proposed for a particular topic, the prize amounts will be spilt between those submitting the same suggestion.

All suggestion forms are to be submitted to Paula Sweitzer, Director of Environmental Health and Safety.