Pennsylvania Acts 33, 34, & 114 Clearances

Full-time Duquesne University students and employees or volunteers who want to serve as Supervising Adults are required to complete Act 33 Child Abuse and Act 34 Criminal Record checks. Forms can be processed online or by mail.

Non-residents of Pennsylvania or those who have lived in Pennsylvania less than ten (10) years also need to complete an FBI clearance (Act 114). 

Any costs associated with these clearances are the responsibility of the individual and/or the sponsoring organization. Please note that fees for Acts 33 and 34 are waived if the requester is serving in a volunteer capacity and indicates as such on the forms.

NOTE: Under TAP 50: Protection of Minors, all clearances are valid for five (5) years from date issued.

Act 33 - Child Abuse History Clearance

In order to complete the online electronic application, you must first create a Keystone Key account and then submit an application.

1. Go to

2. Click "Create Individual Account."

3. Read and click "Next." Follow the instructions for creating a new account.

4. Copy the temporary password sent to your email.

5. Return to

6. Click "Individual Login," then "Access My Clearances."

7. Log in with your temporary password and follow instructions to create a permanent password.

8. Log in again with your permanent password.

9. Read and accept the terms and conditions, then click "Next."

10. After reading the "Learn More" information, click "Continue."

11. Click "Create Clearance Application" and complete the form.

12. Submit the application.

If you prefer to submit an application by mail, you can download the application (CY113) and follow the instructions on the form.

Act 34 - Criminal Record Check

In order to complete the online electronic application, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Click "New Record Check (Volunteers Only)" if you are serving as a volunteer, "Submit a New Record Check" if you are not.

3. Read and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions, then click Accept.

4. Fill in the information requested and submit.

5. You can check the status of your request by clicking "Check the Status of a Record Check" on the PATCH homepage.

If you prefer to submit an application by mail, you can download the volunteer form (SP4-164A).

Act 114 - FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Check

Non-residents of Pennsylvania or those who have lived in Pennsylvania less than ten (10) years need to complete an FBI clearance. 
Those who have lived in Pennsylvania for (ten) 10 or more years are not required to complete an FBI clearance if they complete a Swear and Affirm Waiver attesting to the statements of the form.

To apply for an FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Check, you must register online and then submit fingerprints at an approved fingerprinting site.

Clearance results will be sent via U.S. mail to the address you use during the online registration process. This should occur within three (3) weeks.

The fingerprint-based background check is a multiple-step process. You will first register for the check, then schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted.

1. Go to

2. The "Volunteer" Service Code is "1KG6ZJ"  

3. Click "Schedule or Manage Appointment."

4. Provide your legal name, date of birth, and method of contact. You must enter "NMN" if you do not have a middle name. Click "Next" when complete.

5. Provide citizenship information and click "Next" when complete.

6. Provide answers to the questions listed.

7. Provide the requested information.

8. For Mailing Address, make sure you enter the mailing address where you would like your results to be sent. If your home or permanent address is different from your mailing address, you can provide this information in the additional field.

9. Confirm which photo ID document you will bring with you to the fingerprint appointment. You must bring this document with you when you go to have your fingerprint collection.

10. Choose the fingerprint site where you will have your fingerprints taken. You can identify the sites closest to Duquesne by searching for "15219."

11. Select a date and time for a specific appointment; click submit when done.

12. The next page is the confirmation screen. This page will confirm your unique registration ID, the estimated amount due, and the methods of payment accepted at the location of your choice. Please bring this information with you to your fingerprint appointment.