Students Speak Out: That Awkward Moment

Security follows an African-American woman around a department store.
A white man locks his car doors as a Hispanic man passes by.
A teacher is certain the new Asian student in the class will come to be a top student.

Are these racist acts?

At first glance, it may seem so. Racism, however, is a complex issue and situations that seem discriminatory may require more information or depend on the situation's context. Making it even more complicated to define, determining a racist act depends on the motivations of those involved.

But before we can work together to end racism, we have to get past our own discomfort about racial tensions. Let's face it: we all have awkward moments.

This event gives Duquesne students a chance to come together and share stories about the different ways that we have all experienced prejudice and been caught in an awkward moment, with a focus on the situations associated with racial issues. Through genuine openness and increased awareness, we will reduce the awkwardness to stimulate open conversation.  

Come stop by the Perron to learn more and speak out! We will be asking students to get involved in the #iMatter campaign and help us #SayNoToRacism with a selfie.

Perron: 12:00pm-1:30pm