2017 Organizing Committee and Co-Sponsors

The 2017 Day for Learning and Speaking Out Organizing Committee:

Kathy Glass, English, program co-chair

Anna Scheid, Theology, program co-chair

Luci-Jo DiMaggio, Mission Animation, student programs co-chair

Shawn Ramsey, Undergraduate Psychology student, student programs co-chair

Jeff Mallory, OMA, student programs co-chair

Darlene Weaver, Center for Catholic Intellectual Tradition

Angelle Pryor, Center for Community-Engaged Teaching and Research

Norman Conti, Sociology

Tracey McCants-Lewis, Law School

Chris Meidel, Education

Jelena Janjic, Pharmacy

Jared Kolbert, Education

Jennifer Mason, Law School

Macia Rapchak, Gumberg Library

Matthew Schneirov, Sociology

Michelle Blohm, Graduate Assistant supporting DLSO logistics

Erin Rentschler, Center for Teaching Excellence