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About Pure Thirst

Founded by students in 2010, Pure Thirst continues as a unique student-led, interdisciplinary effort. 

Pure Thirst is housed in the Center for Community Engaged Teaching and Research and collaborates extensively with the Division of Mission and Identity and several

Pure Thirst's primary strength as an organization is its cross disciplinary approach, which is grounded in the Spiritan tradition. Students gain a holistic and ethical understanding of the water crisis. Through our Project Coordinator Program, students collaborate with each other, with faculty and staff of the university, called coaches, and with past Project Coordinators, called mentors. Each project coordinator conducts research in his or her specific disciplinary area to enhance the group's understanding of the crisis. The areas of focus for the 2016 project include: Business, Journalism and Multimedia, Science, Community, and Health.

Our Partners: Rotary

Rotary is an international service organization with over 1.2 million members world-wide. We have been privileged to have worked extensively with Rotary since our inception, and currently have 8 Rotary clubs that we are partnering with for our future projects. Clubs provide not only guidance, but also a $1,000 contribution to the project per club. These clubs include:

  • White Oak
  • Zelienople
  • Forest Hills
  • Parkway West
  • Upper St. Clair - Bethel Park
  • Chico
  • North Boroughs 
  • North Allegheny