Rice on the Road 3/25

  • 3:15 PM to 6:15 PM
  • Des Place, Brittany Room

Faculty & Staff Workshop:
Deepening the Intersections of Race, Social Justice, and Current Events Within our Teaching and Programming

March 25, 2015 3:15-6:15
Brittany Room, Des Places

This portion of Rice on the Road is part of a campus-wide Day of Learning and Speaking Out, a collaborative effort to catalyze national and campus conversation about the prevalence of racial prejudice and the use of lethal force in American policing in light of Duquesne's commitment to social justice. This event will be a formative workshop designed to bring together faculty, administrators, and community partners who have pedagogical or programmatic experience attending to the intersections of race, social justice, and contemporary events. It will provide space for them to better understand their social location, assumptions, insights, and the scope of their own agency. The workshop will use an interactive format that positions attendees to take on the role of allies in relation to one another by helping to strengthen each others' commitments and practice. It will be facilitated by members of the National Inside Out network. The extended time period is meant to provide conditions for substantive interaction. The event will begin with facilitated interaction, permit unstructured conversation during a cocktail reception, and conclude with facilitated dialogue over a catered dinner. Registration is required.