Strategic Imperative 5


Strategic Imperative 5: Duquesne will encourage an entrepreneurial spirit that will allow it to creatively steward University assets, adapt to changing environments and enhance its financial vitality to fulfill its mission for a new era

The Spiritans constructed Old Main on a limited budget by using bricks that they themselves had fashioned from the clay on which the building now stands. Today's campus operates like a small city and requires the same commitment to efficiency and detail.

Progress on the Plan

Living in the City—As Individuals and as a University

Hundreds of Duquesne students cross the 10th Street Bridge every day, the span that connects the South Side neighborhood with our campus. The students living there commute and live with a diverse population. We have students working, learning and volunteering in many of the 90 neighborhoods that make up the city of Pittsburgh—a city that has become one of the main reasons students are attracted to Duquesne.

The University must steward carefully both student needs and community assets that make our campus such an attraction. Duquesne is managing everything from our students’ mobility needs to their presence in the city to taking care of our relationships with community leaders and residents so that our presence is welcome and beneficial.

Resources Will Power the Plan

The last few years have shown Duquesne alumni and friends committing to the University in unprecedented force. In fiscal year 2019, the University secured total gift commitments of $42 million, a new record. Those commitments include gifts of cash, grants from foundations and state and federal agencies, as well as longterm commitments from individuals’ estate plans and other deferred gifts. Of the commitments, 54 exceeded $100,000, and 18 were for more than $250,000.

Resources infographic