Strategic Imperative 5
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Strategic Imperative 5: Duquesne will encourage an entrepreneurial spirit that will allow it to creatively steward University assets, adapt to changing environments and enhance its financial vitality to fulfill its mission for a new era

The Spiritans constructed Old Main on a limited budget by using bricks that they themselves had fashioned from the clay on which the building now stands. Today's campus operates like a small city and requires the same commitment to efficiency and detail.

To ensure the institution has the physical and financial means to maintain and grow in its mission of serving God by serving students, Duquesne will:

  • grow by expanding innovative curricular offerings;

  • remain on the cutting edge of higher education, pursuing initiatives involving ethics, technology and other areas that allow Duquesne to establish a niche as a regional, national and international leader;

  • become nationally known for outstanding enrollment management services, providing personalized attention to applicants, admitted students, current students and their families;

  • actively and creatively engage all University stakeholders, including alumni, in the pursuit of sustained endowment growth;

  • creatively and effectively develop, manage, maintain, use and/or liquidate University assets to allow optimum focus on core strengths and fuel the institution's ability to grow;

  • maintain, enhance and beautify the physical plant, so that the University's resources can be utilized in a productive and energizing fashion for present and future generations;

  • monitor emergent technologies for their educational and administrative potential and adapt accordingly;

  • broaden public appreciation for Duquesne as a leading Catholic, Spiritan university by utilizing new strategies in marketing and communication;

  • explore possibilities for regional learning alliances and educational partnerships beyond the campus, including collaborations with community colleges and other institutions that can help satisfy essential workforce needs and assist students from an array of different backgrounds achieve success;

  • engage in outcomes assessment in all areas of the University's operation, using the results to achieve continuous improvement;

  • place a high value on sustainability, encompassing environmental protection, social responsibility, innovation, and sound business and policy practices; and

  • annually assess and revise the current Strategic Plan to reflect the timeless values, energy and foresight of Duquesne's Spiritan founders, evaluating its outcomes as a measure of success in its implementation.