Strategic Imperative 1
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Strategic Imperative 1: Duquesne will identify bold pathways to offer students the knowledge and skills they will need for productive and fulfilling lives and careers in the 21st century

Institutions of higher education often declare they are "student-centered." Yet the reality of making daily decisions that advance student interests is not so easy or clear-cut. Today's Duquesne students have far different backgrounds than those children of immigrant steelworkers who first enrolled; still, they face similar hurdles in attaining success.

To prepare them for the world beyond graduation and to create a student-centered environment that will be a national model, we are committed to ensuring that Duquesne will:

  • consider the best interests of our students as the polestar of all decision-making, elevating even further this aspect of Duquesne's historic mission;

  • provide individualized services that begin even before students apply for admission at Duquesne and continue long after they graduate, making the Duquesne experience a rich lifetime experience;

  • focus on the development and well-being of the whole student - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - with a renewed emphasis on core values and ethics;

  • provide a safe, comfortable, interactive living environment that fosters the growth of students academically, as persons, as citizens and as tomorrow's leaders;

  • incorporate into the curriculum an emphasis on civil discourse and an exploration of the positive and negative impacts of new technology on learning and other aspects of contemporary life;

  • comprehensively reevaluate all facets of our curriculum and integrate practical applications and experiences into academic offerings so as to prepare students for the demands of the 21st century workforce;

  • become a University known for providing first-rate internships and meaningful job/career opportunities for its students;

  • re-imagine career services as career development to address the ever-changing job market and students' needs throughout their time at Duquesne and beyond;

  • re-engage Duquesne's highly-talented alumni to make valuable internship and job opportunities available to students locally and nationally;

  • create a vibrant campus that fosters a renewed sense of institutional spirit for all students by supporting the University's athletic programs;

  • recruit and retain students best able to benefit from Duquesne's programs, including students with limited resources; and

  • become a University known for providing a great value in higher education, constituting an excellent investment for students and their families.

Duquesne will become the region's flagship institution for community engagement through mutually beneficial partnerships that advance the city, the region and the world.