Acclaim for Ken

Bishop David A. Zubik

Statement on the Appointment of Ken Gormley as the 13th President of Duquesne University

Dr. Charles J. Dougherty, President, Duquesne University

"Ken has shown a deep commitment to the Spiritan mission throughout his career at Duquesne. I appointed Ken as dean of the law school because I knew he was a leader who combines a strong will to succeed with a genuine desire and ability to build consensus. The credibility he has built in turning around the law school will serve him and the University well."

Mark Nordenberg, Chancellor Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh

"The selection of Dean Gormley to be the next president of Duquesne University is great news, not only for the university community but for everyone who cares about this region. I have worked with Ken for more than 30 years, and he is one of the most extraordinary people I ever have known. He already has earned national stature for the quality of his own work, has built an enviable record of accomplishment in academic leadership and is widely respected as a highly principled person with a warm and caring human touch. He also is totally committed to Duquesne and to the broader community that is its home. I have no doubt that Ken Gormley will quickly come to be regarded as one of Pittsburgh's truly exceptional leaders."

John Foster, President, Duquesne Student Government Association

"What an exciting time it is in our history at Duquesne. Knowing that Dean Gormley is our President-Elect, I have the utmost confidence that he will lead Duquesne in to the next era of academic excellence. I'm not sure what I admire most about Dean Gormley-his dedication to Duquesne University or his vision in striving to make Duquesne the best it can be, through collaboration with all stakeholders of Duquesne University. Personally, this has been a memorable experience and am elated to have played a role through all this on behalf of the student-body."

Rich Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, Allegheny County

"Duquesne University has made a great choice in their selection of Dean Ken Gormley as the next president of the university. Dean Gormley has a long history of being involved in this community and is well respected in the legal and university community. With the dean's innate knowledge about our region and its needs, I know his partnerships with the other leading institutions in our region and their leaders, including President Suresh and Chancellor Gallagher, will continue to raise Duquesne's stature."

William Peduto, Mayor, City of Pittsburgh

"This is a cause for celebration for both Duquesne University and the greater Pittsburgh region. Ken Gormley is not only a nationally respected academic, but a great supporter of our city, and he will be a tremendous partner as we work together to expand our growing eds-and-meds economy."

Esther Bush, President and Chief Executive Officer, Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh

"I am thrilled with the selection of Ken Gormley as the next President of Duquesne University. He knows, understands, and empowers others to be successful in living the Spiritan mission of the University. The transformation of the Duquesne University Law School, improving three spots to 118 among top-tier law schools, is an excellent example of how Ken enables a team to be exceptional. His appointment is not only great news for the University but for the City."

Maxwell King, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Pittsburgh Foundation

"Ken Gormley has been one of Pittsburgh's savviest players for a long time. He understands law, he understands politics, and he is so astute about the power of a great university to help build a strong community. He has done a fine job at the law school and will do a wonderful job of building on Charlie Dougherty's strong base in building Duquesne."

Frank Coonelly, President, Pittsburgh Pirates

"Ken Gormley was one of the first community leaders who I met eight years ago when I came to Pittsburgh and I was immediately impressed with his intellect and energy. As I got to know Ken as an educator and as a man, I saw immediately his remarkable passion for Duquesne University and the young men and women who the University is preparing for the workforce and meaningful lives and for the teachers and staff who are training and caring for those young women and men. I am confident that Ken's vision and leadership will position this fine University for greatness in the years ahead. As a fan of the University and the values on which it is built, I am thrilled that Ken has accepted this leadership position at such a critical time."

Max Baer, Justice, Pennsylvania Supreme Court

"In my 40 years at the Bar, Dean Gormley's light as a scholar and ethicist is among the brightest I have seen. As dean of my law school, Ken transformed it from decline to esteem. Duquesne University is a special school deserving of special leadership. In the grand tradition of Drs. John Murray and Charles Dougherty, Duquesne's choice of Ken Gormley has secured its future as an institution. True to its traditions of excellence in academics and in all of life's endeavors, guided by faith and virtue. It is a day to celebrate for all who love Duquesne. I add my enthusiastic congratulations to Dean Gormley and to Duquesne for its sage choice."

Maureen Kelly, Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge, Western District of Pennsylvania

"Dean Gormley is the perfect selection for president. He is a nationally regarded academic and a well-respected leader who is dedicated to the advancement of Duquesne and our Western Pennsylvania community. As dean, Ken has demonstrated incredible energy and vision in enhancing the national reputation of the law school. I believe that he will have a similar dynamic impact on the entire university."

John McGonigle, Vice Chairman, Federated Investors, Inc., and Duquesne University Board Member

"Ken is a unique leader who reaches out to members of his team to develop a successful consensus. Ken has earned a high level of respect for his intellect and his work both in the Pittsburgh area and nationally. These qualities will serve him well as he begins the process of leading the University."

Maureen Lally-Green, Judge (retired) of Superior Court and former Professor of Law (DU JD, 1974, DU BS Ed 1971)

"This is wonderful news! I have worked with Ken over the years, and I believe that Duquesne University will thrive and achieve new possibilities during his tenure as president. I am convinced that he will lead our beloved University as he has led Duquesne's Law School-with accountability, transparency, integrity and above all, devotion to its mission."

Linda Varrenti Hernandez, Of-Counsel, Dickie, McCamey and Chilcote and Former Director of the Allegheny County Bar Association Institute for Gender Equality

"As his research assistant at the law school, I learned that Ken Gormley is a man of all the people who has earned the respect of many, both nationally and internationally, as he researched and wrote his award winning books. However, it is on the local stage that his active support of women in the profession has created true change and been enormously relevant. I am not surprised to learn of his newest accomplishment, and I'm just thrilled to see what amazing things the future will hold for the entire Duquesne family! Bravo!"

Scott Lammie, Chief Financial Officer, UPMC Health Plan, Senior Vice President, UPMC Insurance Services Division, and Duquesne University Board Member

"Duquesne University of The Holy Spirit prepares students and alumni who are distinguished not only by their academic and professional expertise but also by their ethics, and guided by consciences sensitive to the needs of society. In fulfilling Duquesne's critically important and particularly relevant societal commitment, I can think of no better person and leader that embodies our University's global mission, vision, and our Spiritan traditions and values than Dean Ken Gormley. Our entire University Community extends our deepest gratitude and our best wishes to Dean Gormley and his family as Ken Gormley continues his extraordinary career and lifetime of good works in service to our students, our community, and our global society as the next president of Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit."

Phoebe Haddon, Chancellor, Rutgers University-Camden

"I am thrilled to learn that Ken Gormley has been named President of Duquesne University. The Law School at Duquesne has experienced tremendous growth in stature under Ken's deanship and I know that his interest in student success runs deep. His vision and leadership experience as well as strong ties to the City of Pittsburgh make him a fine choice as the new president."

Frederick W. Thieman, President, The Buhl Foundation and former United States Attorney

"I've known Ken for decades and know him as a passionate and articulate leader dedicated to making our community a better place for all, and I stress, all people. His leadership at Duquesne will really elevate the presence of that institution as an important community partner."

Mike Doyle, United States Congressman

"I've known Ken for years. He's a respected constitutional scholar, successful author, and talented university administrator. Ken's done a fantastic job as the Dean of Duquesne's law school, and I have no doubt that he'll be equally outstanding as the University's next President."

Mark R. Warner, United States Senator

"I've known Ken for 38 years, since we were roommates in law school, and it's always been clear that his roots run deep in Pittsburgh. Along with his sterling attributes as an author and scholar, I know that he will fill the office of President with vision, energy and the highest integrity."

Nancy Perkins, Noble J. Dick Chair in Academic Leadership and Professor of Law, Duquesne University School of Law

"Ken Gormley's tenure as Dean of Duquesne Law School has been marked by his mission-centered vision, even-handedness, creativity, and adaptability. I am sure that under his leadership Duquesne will enjoy a vital and secure future."

Fr. Ray French, C.S.Sp., Vice President for Mission and Identity, Duquesne University

"Ken is deeply committed to serving others, authentically connecting with those on the margins in our city. He follows in the path of our founders who believed education is for all—an education of the mind heart and Spirit."