Well Wishes from Friends and Colleagues

"On behalf of the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter, a very enthusiastic and sincere note of congratulations to President Gormley!"
Ralph & Colleen Gigliotti, Langhorne, PA

"I offer you the warmest welcome to your new role as president of Duquesne University. As a member of the Alumni Board of Governors, I look forward to working with you in the coming years. Congratulations."
Mary Susan Yurek, Pittsburgh, PA

"Congratulations on your inauguration and all God's blessings for your leadership of Duquesne from the Irish Spiritans."
The Rev. Marc Whelan, C.S.Sp, Dublin, Ireland

"You have made all of us from the 'Vale and the Park and St. A's proud. All the best in your new position."
Ray Diroll, Springfield, VA

"Congratulations to you! May all go beautifuly in your new position at Duquesne University."
Zilong He, Kaifeng, China

"On behalf of the Knights of Columbus of Duquesne University, I extend prayerful best wishes and congratulations to President Gormley as he begins his new journey as president."
Tyler Costello - Grand Knight, Pittsburgh, PA

"I wish you much success and personal fulfillment in your new role. May the Holy Spirit guide you in all of your decisions as we together fulfill our mission of always doing what is best for our students."
Kathy Maskalick, Pittsburgh, PA

"Looking forward to carrying on our tradition of greatness. My alma mater is in great hands!"
Laura Bond, Port Huron, MI

"Congratulations President Gormley! In this case, 13 is a very lucky number for the University. I look forward to watching a hometown boy bring even more success to a hometown university."
Patty Schlicht, Pittsburgh, PA

"Duquesne is lucky to have found such a passionate and hard-working president. Congratulations to Ken Gormley. We're all behind you!"
Ann Hohn, Sarver, PA

"Best wishes to you, Ken, as you begin your presidency!"
Mary Ellen Glasgow, Pittsburgh, PA

"I am always going to be smiling down as I watch you lead Duquesne to great success!"
On behalf of the late Dr. Samuel Astorino

"You have stood out in my mind as one of the best at Duquesne ever since your office was across from mine and you called me "Glory beans." I am so happy to serve under your presidency and be part of this Duquesne we both love."
Glory Smith, Pittsburgh, PA

"Many congratulations for having the vision to lead Duquesne University into the future. I graduated from Duquesne in 1986 with Ph.D. in systematic theology, and I am very proud of what I received at the University."
Anne Nasimiyu, Kitale, Kenya

"Congratulations on your inauguration and best wishes for a successful tenure at Duquesne."
Tammy Ewin, Pittsburgh, PA

Jessica Polera, Manalapan, NJ

"Excited to see the Bluff continue to grow in serving God by serving students under the leadership of President Gormley!"
Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan Ogurchak, Pittsburgh, PA

"Congratulations! I'm looking forward to all of the great things you will accomplish!"
Meredith Leech, Cleveland, OH

"Congratulations and best wishes for success as you lead and help guide Duquesne University."
Karen Nowosad, Wayne, NJ

"On behalf of a family of graduates of Duquesne University, I congratulate you on your selection as the 13th president of this outstanding university."
Carl Bartolomucci, Latrobe, PA

"Congrats President Gormley. We are so proud of Duquesne and we know you will continue its legacy. Best wishes!"
Ryan & Tina Baptiste, Cranberry Twp., PA

"Best wishes as you advance your mission for the University and foster a new spirit of progress and collaboration."
Terri Leasure, Moon Twp., PA

"Congratulations, President Gormley. I'm looking forward to Duquesne's continuing upward trajectory."
Marilyn Rossa Kail, Pittsburgh, PA

"Congratulations to you! Keep up the great work!"
Roberta Diver, Philadelphia, PA

"Congrats to you. My son is a junior, and we know you will continue giving him the best education in a supportive environment. Go Dukes!"
Joe Marino, Fairfax, VA

"Congratulations Ken. We wish you the best in becoming the 13th president of this wonderful University!"
Don Lovre, Wexford, PA

"The future of Duquesne is in good hands with you at the helm! Congrats, Ken, and best wishes as you work to grow the University in coming years."
Jamie Glasser, Pittsburgh, PA

"As a proud graduate of Duquesne's law school, it gives all of us great pride to have you become our president. From a perch here in Ohio, Duquesne's reputation grows by the day! Congrats!"
Greg Kirstein, Columbus, OH

"We are so proud that you are our 13th University president. Congratulations!"
Fran Serenka, Pittsburgh, PA

"Your appointment says a lot of nice things about you and the University. Congratulations."
Adrian Roe, Pittsburgh, PA

"President Gormley... I love the sound of that. I am very excited for our future. We could not have chosen a better person to represent and lead Duquesne University for the next era. I wish you the best and will work hard to assist you in any way that I can. Congrats!"
Rich Esposito, Pittsburgh, PA

"Congratulations President Gormley, and best wishes to you as you lead Duquesne University into the future!"
Taylor Tobias, Pittsburgh, PA

"Sending an Irish Blessing as you embark on this journey. Duquesne is lucky to have you!"
Barbara O'Neil-Ajak, Aspinwall, PA

"Duquesne has been an important element of my family history and professional network. Congratulations and best wishes for great success in the years to come. It was a pleasure meeting you at the URP this summer!"
Leon Perez, Pittsburgh, PA

"Congrats, Ken. Loved your positive spirit at Pitt law. Tal Fowler would be very proud."
Ron Carnevali, Johnstown, PA

Kristin Lovett, Chambersburg, PA

"Prayers and many good wishes."
Sr. Rosemary Donley, Pittsburgh, PA

"Congratulations and best wishes! Go... biomedical engineering! Yay!"
Steve, Beth & Ben Davis, Murrysville, PA

"You have been a very good influence on our son, Tony. We thank you and send our best wishes."
Pat and Tony Colangelo, Hazleton, PA

"Congratulations to you, Laura and your entire family! Duquesne is lucky to have you at the helm!"
Paul Kaufman, Wexford, PA