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"The Heiress of Pittsburgh" a novel by Ken Gormley

"'The Heiress of Pittsburgh' is a twisty, fulfilling legal thriller, in which the city of Pittsburgh takes center stage alongside a cast of memorable characters. Loved this book!"
- SCOTT TUROW, internationally-renowned author and lawyer  

All proceeds from sales of this novel will be donated to a special initiative at Duquesne University, in the College of Arts, to support a new generation of young writers in developing their craft and pursuing their writing talents.

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Attorney Shawn Rossi could have earned a fortune. He could have worked at big firms in booming cities and sunnier climes.

Instead, he returned to Pittsburgh, the struggling steel town of his youth - to help regular people.

And now he's doubting his life decisions.

His wife has just died and his teenage daughters are getting piercings and staying out all night. His professional life is equally in shambles: He's handling an unwinnable estate contest, and representing the one person he vowed never to get near again: his ex-college flame, Marjorie.

Even for Rossi, this case appears hopeless. A coffin shows up with the wrong corpse. Nuns from a secretive home for unwed mothers can't break their vows of silence to testify.

The family is about to lose everything.  

New York Times bestselling author Ken Gormley delivers a powerful drama about the decent, largely-forgotten qualities that once were the bedrock of simple towns whose inhabitants built America. "The Heiress of Pittsburgh" reawakens hope that the precious qualities of past generations can be reimagined to create a dazzling new future. But only if a few courageous people are willing to boldly redefine success.

Advance Praise for "The Heiress of Pittsburgh"

"A whole lot of the Burg and a whole lot of other good things in The Heiress of Pittsburgh-family histories, courtrooms, neighborhoods, loves lost and found, styles of remembering and speaking. A complex, intriguing narrative about a place and people I connect with intimately. Thank you for writing and sharing."
- JOHN EDGAR WIDEMAN, acclaimed author and PEN/Faulkner Award recipient

Pittsburgh, bringing out the secrets of family and the importance of neighborhoods, always showing us how the choices we make can make a difference."
- FRANCO HARRIS, legendary Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Pro Football Hall of Famer and four-time Super Bowl Champion

"Gormley's skills with language, dialogue and narrative bring his wonderful, unpretentious and utterly genuine characters to life. This is a book for all who love the authenticity of a regional culture and the grace of a writer who can bring it to life."
- MAXWELL KING, bestselling author of The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers

"'The Heiress of Pittsburgh' is a love story that contains all the unique flavors of Pittsburgh-the history, the folklore, the stories inherent in each neighborhood, its colorful residents, and the tale of the heyday of the industrial three rivers region. The charming hero, lawyer Shawn Rossi, bears the weight of the city's underbelly while striving to bring justice to his beloved birthplace. Gormley illuminates this journey with humor and an ample dose of humanity."
- CONSTANZA ROMERO WILSON, widow of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson; Tony Award-nominated costume designer

"'The Heiress of Pittsburgh' is an inspirational, multigenerational epic about leaving home and finding it again, with a deep love for Pittsburgh on every page."
- NICK & RACHEL COURAGE, founders, Littsburgh.

"Gormley has written a moving and compelling story which captures the heart and essence of the real Pittsburgh and its people with unmatched authenticity."
- LEE GUTKIND, Founding Editor, Creative Nonfiction Magazine

"We all want to write that first novel about our home town...about the one that got away...about mystery and loss, sacrifice and truth. Ken Gormley just waited 30 years to do it. Take a look people."
-  DAVID CONRAD, film, TV and stage actor

'"Did you ever wonder what makes a place like Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh?" the hero of Ken Gormley's debut novel asks. The author sure knows. Part courtroom drama, part family saga, part teen romance, The Heiress of Pittsburgh is a generous, warm-hearted paean to the Steel City.'
- STEWART O'NAN, author of Everyday People and Emily, Alone

"'The Heiress of Pittsburgh' features an entertaining cast of characters along with many twists and unexpected turns. Ken Gormley's novel provides a window into the bygone culture of the ethnic melting pot that existed for more than a century in the steel valleys of western Pennsylvania. It is a compelling and enjoyable story."
- ART ROONEY II, President, Pittsburgh Steelers

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