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2010 Staff Awards

The 2010 Staff Awards Christmas Luncheon on Wednesday December 22 recognized employees who demonstrated outstanding efforts and those with dedicated service years.

President’s Distinguished Service Award

Dan Bodnar, Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, received the University’s highest honor for consistently demonstrating excellence in the work place, dedication to the Mission Statement and community service to those less fortunate.

Consumer Service Award

Linda Pasqualino, Psychology Clinic, was recognized for dependably providing quality service to students, staff members and patrons.

Innovation Award

Mark Dunn, CTS, received this award for developing a solution to a difficult problem that helped to improve Duquesne’s overall organizational effectiveness.

Team Award

The Wellness Team was recognized for demonstrating cooperation, collaboration, and open communication on a consistent basis.  The Wellness Team includes these staff and faculty from across campus:

  • Mary Ellen Baney
  • Carolina Beyers
  • Joanne Bruni
  • Gina Conroy
  • Eileen Crossey
  • Ryan Dawson
  • Luci-Jo Dimaggio
  • Shannon Foster
  • Dr. Suzanne Higginbotham
  • Dr. Thomas Mattei
  • Carol Negley
  • Scott Richards
  • Kim Saunders
  • Dr. Monica Skomo
  • Donna Steed
  • Dr. Paula Turocy
  • Joyce Valent
  • Cindy Vinarski
  • Cindy Walters
  • Lisa Yakelis

25 Years of Service

Barbara Courey

Kenneth Clinger

Joyce Davis

Dolores Dukovich

Lynn Dutertre

Gust Flizanes

William Hink

Gloria Malie

Robert McLaughlin

Kathleen Leacock

Dean Pambacas

Scott Richards

Brian Urik

Cindy Vinarski

30 Years of Service

Edward Bayer

Eric Boker

David DiPetro

Marian Holden

Roy Matthews

Carol Radzanowski

Martin Sivitz

35 Years of Service

Joanne Bruni

Anne Gyurisin

William Premro

Rita Warfield

40 Years of Service

Yvette Gamble