University Interdisciplinary Curriculum Committee

Interdisciplinary teaching involves the coordinated use of methods, tools, and evidence from multiple academic disciplines. Such teaching has played an important role in the history of the university, and its value has only gained more attention, recognition, and emphasis in recent years. Integrating the resources of multiple fields encourages pedagogical and scholarly innovation and enhances our pursuit of significant questions and problems.

The University Interdisciplinary Curriculum Committee (UICC) supports the development of interdisciplinary programming at Duquesne. Consisting of faculty members who represent each college/school of the university, the committee is led by a Chair who consults with the Provost as needed.

The UICC ensures the highest quality of such programming by carrying out the following duties:

  1. providing information resources and feedback, upon request, to those planning to develop proposals for new interdisciplinary programs that involve more than one school of the university,
  2. reviewing proposals for new interdisciplinary programs that involve more than one school of the university and, in the event of their approval by the committee, recommending them to the Provost for final approval,
  3. participating in periodic review of programs, by request, involving more than one school that have been newly approved by the committee and Provost,
  4. advising a single school, upon request, with regard to its interdisciplinary programming.
  5. advising the Provost on issues involving curricular, systemic, organizational, and structural elements of the University that are relevant to and/or have an impact upon interdisciplinary studies.

The UICC is currently coordinating its procedures with other processes underway in the University (such as the Faculty Handbook revisions) and will provide more information on this website in the near future. During this process of coordination, questions concerning proposals for new programs should be directed to the UICC Chair (members listed below).

UICC Members
Dr. Lisa Lopez Levers, Chair
School of Education

Dr. Debarati Bhattacharya
School of Business
Dr. David Seybert
School of Natural & Environmental Sciences
Dr. Clifford Bob
College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Yvonne Weideman
School of Nursing
Dr. Gerald Boodoo
African Studies

Dr. Linda Kinnehan - Ex Officio
College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Sarah Manspeaker
Rangos School of Health Sciences

Professor Daniel Meyer
School of Music

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