Travel Award

Travel Award Program for Student, Postdoctoral Fellow and Early-Career Faculty

I. Program Description

The Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Committee at Duquesne University (WIS@DU) Travel Award Program provides funding for female Duquesne University students, postdoctoral fellows and early-career faculty who will be presenting STEM research at conferences and professional meetings in either oral or poster format. All eligible Duquesne University women are encouraged to apply for this competitive award. The funds, up to $500, are designated to help defray travel, registration and lodging costs associated with conference or meeting attendance. These travel funds are intended to supplement other existing funds (e.g. department funds, society travel awards, etc.). The purpose of this grant program is to provide important opportunities for early-career, female scientists to present their research in regional, national and international forums, and to network with scholars from around the world.

II. Applicant Eligibility

All undergraduate and graduate applicants must be Duquesne University students at the time of travel and in good academic standing. Faculty applicants must be delivering the conference presentation within the first two years of their appointment at Duquesne. Each applicant (student, postdoc or faculty member) must have an abstract summarizing the presentation of her scientific research in any STEM area, including biology, biomedical engineering, information systems, chemistry, computer science, education, environmental science, forensic science, health sciences, mathematics, nursing, pharmaceutical science and physics. Submissions are limited to one application per academic year per person.

Preference will be given to students, postdocs and faculty members who: 1) are making their first presentation at a national or international venue, 2) are presenting their research in oral format, and 3) have demonstrated an effort to secure additional funds besides this travel award.

III. Allowable Expenses

Expenses that the applicant is wishing to cover using this travel award must be estimated prior to travel and explained in the travel award application. Awardees will be reimbursed for costs, up to $500, after the travel is completed and the proper receipts have been submitted. The funds can only be used for travel (air travel, local travel, or mileage reimbursement), meeting/conference registration fees and hotel/lodging costs. Meeting/conference registration fees that include mandatory food costs are allowable; however, expenses for food that the presenter chooses to incur are not eligible for reimbursement. No funds will be allocated if other funds are obtained that meet or exceed the total expenses for the meeting.

IV. Application Deadlines

Applications must be submitted before the conference/meeting presentation occurs. Applications will be reviewed three times per year (October, January, and April). Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM on the following dates: October 1, January 1 and April 1.

V. Application Package

Each applicant must submit the following:

  1. Completed application form, including a description of the estimated travel budget.
  2. Documentation of the applicant's meeting/conference abstract
  3. CV, including education, honors/awards, publications, and presentations (please indicate each conference/meeting name, type (regional, national or international), location and dates, as well as the presentation format)
  4. Letter of recommendation from the applicant's research advisor or department chair (one page maximum)
  5. Description of the applicant's research and career goals (in no more than 250 words)
  6. Duquesne University unofficial transcript (for students only)

VI. Submission Process

Applications should be submitted via online: Submit your Travel Award application.

VII. Review Process

Applications will be carefully reviewed by a subcommittee comprised of faculty from the Women in STEM Committee at Duquesne University. Announcement of the awardees will take place on, or before, November 1, February 1 and May 1.

VIII. Responsibilities of Award Recipients

  1. Receipts for all expenses covered under by this travel award must be submitted to Renee Stockey ( within two weeks after the completion of travel. Reimbursements cannot be granted without a receipt showing proof of purchase by the applicant. Mileage reimbursements must be accompanied by a Google Maps document showing the number of miles traveled between destinations.  
  2. A final report is required of each awardee, no later than one month after the conference/meeting has taken place. Final reports should be emailed to with the subject line "Travel Award Report". The report should include a photograph of the awardee at the conference/meeting (if photographs of the presentation are not allowed, a photograph taken anywhere at the meeting site is acceptable) and a discussion of the benefits that the awardee received by attending the conference/meeting to present her data. The report should be no longer than 1-page typed (double-spaced). No subsequent awards will be made to an awardee who fails to meet the reporting requirements and the awardee's advisor (if applicable) and department will be notified of this deficiency.
  3. Awardees are required to appropriately acknowledge Women in STEM Committee at Duquesne University Women in their presentation.
  4. Awardees are expected to cooperate with any publicity releases regarding the award of these travel funds.