Online Learning & Strategy

Online Learning & Strategy (OL&S) supports the Duquesne University mission by promoting excellence in online education. We strategically support schools and academic units as they seek to create and grow fully online or hybrid programs and courses. OL&S promotes excellence in online education through the design and delivery of high-quality, student-centered educational experiences that pay careful attention to the needs of students learning at a distance. The OL&S 2021-2024 Strategic Plan outlines our key priorities.

Instructors are encouraged to register for Foundations in Online Teaching & Learning© (FOTL), an 8-week online professional development course that prepares instructors to design and deliver an effective online course. FOTL is beneficial for instructors who teach in any modality. Read the Foundations in Online Teaching & Learning Executive Statement to learn more. Many other online teaching resources are available via the left-hand menu links.

Essentials in Online Learning at Duquesne is an Online Student Orientation that helps prepare students for success in the online environment. This orientation experience is useful to all students, whether they are enrolled in a fully online program, taking one online course, or navigating online content provided by faculty to enhance face-to-face courses. 

Contact the Online Learning & Strategy Team to discuss ways that we can support your efforts!