Ready to Teach Online?

As an instructor, it's useful to prepare should the need ever arise move your courses to the fully online format. Here are some preparations you can make...

Assess your Readiness to Teach Online

View Technology Expectations for Teaching Online to ensure that you have the right technology in place to teach online.

Access a Canvas site where you are the instructor. Become comfortable using its key features and functions. You should be able to perform the following actions:

  • Upload your syllabus as a file attachment
  • Upload lecture notes and other course materials
  • Create a web link
  • Create an announcement
  • Create a discussion forum
  • Create assignment links for students to submit papers electronically
  • Post student grades and provide feedback using the gradebook
  • Launch a virtual real-time meeting using Zoom. Test your system to ensure both your microphone and video camera are connected.
  • Invite a colleague or friend to a Zoom meeting that you've created. Practice interacting in this format using video and voice.

Gain Additional Readiness

If you had any difficulty in completing the steps listed above you should take additional steps to get up to speed. Consider the following actions:

Be Proactive

  • Consider your face-to-face course and the types of activities that are involved (e.g. labs, hands-on experiences, etc.). Next, consider options for coursework or comparable activities that can be completed that achieve similar outcomes in place of the original activity.
  • Communicate with colleagues in your school and field who have experience teaching online. Pick their brains to determine what you need to know to be successful teaching online in your discipline.
  • Reach out to colleagues outside of your disciplinary area for further diversity of perspective. Recognize that many others will be in a similar place as you, curious to learn more.

Visit the Instructional Continuity page for further details on what to do in the event that a shift to fully online instruction occurs.