2021 Awardees

New Faculty Winners

Emotional Intelligence

Kelly Moore

Establishing the Duquesne University Telehealth Patient Guild

Sarah Manspeaker, Alison Wix, Jessica Davis, Sarah Wallace

A Writing Center & Community Confluence: Moving the Writing Center into the Community

Jim Purdy

New Student Winners

Trauma Informed Care in the Health Sciences

Nathan Pearson

The Effects of Social Media and Microtargeting on Political Polarization

Jessica Schmitz

Emerging Leaders in AI and Digital Stewardship

Anna Meurer, Amanda Altobell, Lukas Chandler, Tina Nguyen

Start Smart: Providing First Generation Students the Opportunity for Academic Success

Brooke Deal, William King, Brianna Ports

Advancing Student Winners

Empathy in the Digital Age

Benjamin Gaddes

Improving Clinical Competency for the Next Generation of Ethics Consultants and Committee Members through Consultation Simulations

Adele Flaherty, Andrew Harrington, Elizabeth Balskus, Hillary Villarreal

Advancing Applicant Faculty Winners

Health Inequalities, Professional Preparation, and the Pittsburgh Region: A Multidisciplinary, Community-Engaged Course to Prepare Generation Z for the Future

Andrew Simpson, Cathleen Appelt, Jessica Devido, Pamela Spigelmyer

Community-Based Research & Development: A Cross-Sector, Inter-disciplinary and Inter-Generational Program

Rick McCown, Norm Conti                    

From Pedagogy to Practices

Aleina Smith and Samantha Backstrom, and student members Maura Rost, Abby Nimerosky, Maria Ortiz