2022 Awardees

Advancing Applicant Track: Students

Trauma Informed Care in the Health Sciences

Nathan Pearson and Dr. Amy Mattila

Politics, Communication, and Social Media

Jessica Schmitz 

Advancing Applicant Track: Faculty

A Writing Center and Community Confluence

Dr. James Purdy 

From Pedagogy to Practice: Making Sense of the College Experience Using High Impact Practices

Dr. Aleina Smith, Prof. Ariana Sampson, Fatima Zahra Demlak, Maria Ortiz, and Kevin Valdez 

New Applicant Track: Students

How to Mind Your Brain

John Dall'Aglio 

New Applicant Track: Faculty 

Duquesne Digital Health Initiative

Dr. Amber Fedin, Dr. Pamela Koerner, Dr. Michael Perry, and Dr. Rebecca Schoen 

The Jurisdiction Game: Game-Based Legal Education

Dr. Richard Heppner 

Developing Cultural Sensitivity to LGBTQIA+ Health Care Needs: An Interprofessional Learning Experience

Dr. Christine O'Neil, Dr. Mary Kay Loughran, Dr. Susan Kelly, and Dr. David Zimmerman 

Data Insights and Dashboarding with PowerBI: Preparing Graduates to Embrace a Data Culture

Dr. Jacqueline Pike, Dr. Pinar Ozturk, Mr. Roberto Laporte, Mr. Shai Maaravi 

Environmental Health Micro-certificate

Dr. Yvonne Weidemann and Dr. David Kahler