2022 Pitch Event Teams (Rangos Prize Finalists)

Advancing Applicant Track: Students

Emerging Leaders in AI and Digital Stewardship 
Amanda Altobell, Lukas Chandler, Anna Meurer and Tina Nguyen

Trauma Informed Care in the Health Sciences
Nathan Pearson and Dr. Amy Mattila

Politics, Communication and Social Media
Jessica Schmitz

Advancing Applicant Track: Faculty

A Writing Center and Community Confluence
Dr. James Purdy

From Pedagogy to Practice: Making Sense of the College Experience Using High Impact Practices
Dr. Aleina Smith, Professor Ariana Sampson, Fatima Zahra Demlak, Maria Ortiz and Kevin Valdez

New Applicant Track: Students

How to Mind Your Brain
John Dall'Aglio

New Applicant Track: Faculty

Duquesne Digital Health Initiative
Dr. Amber Fedin, Dr. Pamela Koerner, Dr. Michael Perry and Dr. Rebecca Schoen

The Jurisdiction Game: Game-Based Legal Education
Dr. Richard Heppner

Comparative Healthcare Systems
Dr. Faina Linkov, Dr. Gerald Boodoo and Dr. Mark Cantrell

Empowering Students and Community: Digitizing Elder Law Historical Records
Dr. Dana Neascu, Dr. Stephanie Gray, Dr. Joel Fishman and Dr. Andrew Simpson

Developing Cultural Sensitivity to LGBTQIA+ Health Care Need: An Interprofessional Learning Experience
Dr. Christine O'Neil, Dr. Mary Kay Loughran, Dr. Susan Kelly and Dr. David Zimmerman

Data Insights and Dashboarding with PowerBI: Preparing Graduates to Embrace a Data Culture
Dr. Jacqueline Pike, Dr. Pinar Ozturk, Mr. Roberto Laporte, Mr. Shai Maaravi

Medical Communication: A Practice of Presence, Resilience and Compassion
Dr. Özüm Üçok-Sayrak

Environmental Health Micro-certificate
Dr. Yvonne Weidemann and Dr. David Kahler

Teaching Data Ethics Using Big Data and Simulations
Dr. Wenqi Zhou