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Rangos Prizes Proposal Requirements

Title page

The title page has three components:

  • Name(s) of the individual(s) participating in the development of the proposal
  • Date submitted
  • Title of the proposal (e.g., new course name, name of new academic material(s), name of new program)

The proposal has three components:

  • Executive summary (1-page maximum)
  • Body of proposal (3-page maximum)
    • Overview/rationale
    • Detailed description of course, materials or program
    • Summary of how course, materials or program relates to the needs and/or concerns of Millennials, Generation Z and future generations of students.
    • Description of how/why the course, materials or program are innovative
  • References or documentation to support proposal

The resource section has three components:

  • Summary of resources needed (human, financial and infrastructure) to complete course, materials or program
Information about submitter(s)
  • Brief bios and CVs or resumes