Assessment Resources

Duquesne has adopted a developmental model for implementing, improving, and sustaining its assessment processes throughout the University. Assessment activities are coordinated by the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. The University has implemented a comprehensive assessment plan that was developed in consultation with key committees and was approved by the Academic Council and the Executive Vice President and Provost for Academic Affairs.

Since 2008 many additional resources have been committed to supporting assessment. These include an assessment website, a dedicated budget to support assessment activities including mini-grants for faculty, financial support to support Academic Program Reviews, the purchase of WEAVEonline assessment software to document academic assessment, the purchase of StudentVoice software to document student life assessment, the purchase of SEDONA software to report faculty scholarship, and workshop opportunities for faculty and staff members. These resources are in addition to the significant expenditures made in the schools to meet specialized accreditation standards. The Associate Provost hosts an annual lunch meeting for all faculty and staff members who are involved with assessment on campus in order to update the University community about assessment activities and to recognize their important contributions.

Resources and Links