Photo of Dr. James Schreiber

Dr. James Schreiber

School of Nursing

Professor, Researcher, mentor and classically trained guitarist

Dr. Schreiber has been a faculty member at Duquesne since the fall of 2004 and joined the School of Nursing in 2016. Previously he served as a full professor of Educational Foundations and Leadership.

The Phoenix, Arizona native is the youngest of eight children with several older siblings who are much older than him. "I was an uncle at nine!" James is an avid runner and a classically trained guitarist who still writes his own music and collaborates with a good musician friend back in Phoenix.

He says that his Duquesne colleagues are "really incredible" and outperform their colleagues at other universities who have much lower service and teaching requirements. "There's just some absolutely fantastic faculty across the campus."

A lot of the applied work that Dr. Schreiber does crosses disciplines. "It keeps everyday a little exciting." He noted that more and more work is interdisciplinary and will need to be to solve complex problems. His research has been published over 75 times in peer-reviewed publications and he is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide. Over the years he has also served as a member of countless committees on campus, lending his background in marketing, secondary education, statistics and educational psychology.

Dr. Schreiber as a mentor: "It's getting them into a project they are interested in. Everybody thinks that doctoral students are homogeneous but they're not. Programs here at Duquesne you have a wider variety of career paths rather than just being a research Ph.D. Over the years we've put students in really high-powered academic positions. It's absolutely fun to watch them go off and have these wildly successful run at things that they are doing."

He has also taught at the Duquesne in Rome campus. "The students in that class have gone on to do just about everything. Some have gone on to start their own businesses, taken over other companies, are working internationally. It's an absolute blast to see." This summer he is spending time at the Duquesne University in Dublin campus with students from the Online Ph.D. in Nursing Program working on methods of scientific inquiry.

"I think what you see from a lot of people working on campus is what you don't actually see. One of the things that's unique at Duquesne is how invested people are at things going on in the (Pittsburgh) area that most people never see, never hear about. Most people here are not out boasting about their service activities. They're just the people who show up and the stuff gets done."

"One of the most defining attributes at Duquesne is that embeddedness in their communities that no one ever hears about because they are quietly doing this work." He speaks fondly of his work on a branding campaign "Wilkinsburg: Good All Over" that is working to slowly and more deliberately rebuild Wikinsburg.