Faculty and Staff

Photo of Dr. Alydia Thomas

Dr. Alydia Thomas,
Office of Residence Life
Associate Director for Student Development and Programming is living proof of the power of transformative mentorship.

Her passion for empowering students, cultivating a sense of student belonging and promoting equity and opportunity has captured the attention of her community, earning Thomas the well-deserved recognition as one of Pittsburgh Magazine's 40 Under 40 honorees for 2021.
Photo of Shonetta and Milik Haywood

Shonetta and Milik Haywood,
Duquesne Dining
A mother and son who bring out the best in each other

Besides being a mother and son pair who both work at Hogan Dining Center, Shonetta and Milik also feel like they have a good work family at Duquesne. "Being here eight hours a day you spend a lot of time with your coworkers. You can look at your coworkers and know that they're having a bad day and try to comfort them. You know a lot about them and what's going on with their families," said Shonetta. She has worked at Duquesne for over twelve years. Milik joined her this past year after graduating from Carrick High School and transferring from Hello Bistro in the South Side, which is also owned by the Eat'n Park Hospitality Group, like Parkhurst Dining, which oversees the food service at Duquesne.
Photo of Dr. Fatiha Benmokhtar

Dr. Fatiha Benmokhtar,
Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Assistant Professor of Physics, Nuclear physicist involved with Duquesne's Women in STEM group

You get a sense of Dr. Benmokhtar's excitement for her research and her students the minute you meet her. "When I see students I see myself when I was young," she says with a big smile. "I put myself in their shoes. I want them to learn and enjoy what they are learning. When I teach I try to make it useful and make it applicable for their life."
Photo of Dr. Judith R. Griggs

Dr. Judith R. Griggs,
Director of the Robert and Patricia Gussin Spiritan Division of Academic Programs, Director of the Michael P. Weber Learning Skills Center
Over 40 years of service to Duquesne students

Since 1972 Dr. Griggs has been serving students by using a well-developed counseling and retention model along with a caring heart to help improve their opportunities for success at Duquesne. Her team is "supportive of each other. They're proud of what they do. We're about students here."
Photo of Dr. Patrick Juola

Dr. Patrick Juola,
McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts
Forensic linguist at the forefront of machine learning

As he celebrates his 21st year at Duquesne, Dr. Juola is busier than ever. He works as a computational psycholinguist, forensic linguist and a stylometrist. "I still have this idea that there's a lot that you can learn about human psychology by studying how people produce and understand language."
Photo of Dr. Janie Fritz

Dr. Janie Fritz,
McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts
Professor and director of the B. A., M.A., and Ph.D. programs in the Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies

For the last 27 years she has been a fixture here on campus. "The reason I wanted to come here (to Duquesne) is because there was a sense that you could take God seriously here. Not in the sense that you wear your profession on your sleeve but that there's a mission and it's grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition. At the time I was not Catholic, I was on the journey. But landing here was a good place because it's ecumenical, it's open, but yet there's a sense of mission and calling and purpose that takes our relation to the divine seriously. When I step foot on campus I can feel that."

Photo of Rod Dobish

Rod Dobish
Facilities Management Department
Associate Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer

The men and women of the Facilities Management Department are a critical part of campus and help keep everything running as smoothly as possible. They all take pride in their work and that starts at the top with Rod Dobish.

Photo of Dr. Khlood F. Salman

Dr. Khlood F. Salman
School of Nursing
Associate Professor, Fulbright awardee and inter-religious dialogue advocate

"I do my best to serve students, the Pittsburgh community and to live the Duquesne mission. Serving God by serving students is my first priority."

Dr. Salman first arrived in Pittsburgh from Iraq to start her graduate work in 1983. She has been a faculty member at Duquesne since 2007.

Photo of Jane Cubbison

Jane Cubbison
Mary Pappert School of Music
Academic Advisor, The consummate listener

Jane has worked at Duquesne University for 16 years. She started her career here in the Office of Human Resources before coming to the music school ten years ago.

Both of Jane's children graduated from Duquesne. Her son A.J. studied athletic training and her daughter Beth got a degree in multimedia production. She also has three granddaughters -Addie, Grace and Lucia.

Photo of Dr. James Schreiber

Dr. James Schreiber
School of Nursing
Professor, Researcher, mentor and classically trained guitarist

Dr. Schreiber has been a faculty member at Duquesne since the fall of 2004 and joined the School of Nursing in 2016. Previously he served as a full professor of Educational Foundations and Leadership.

The Phoenix, Arizona native is the youngest of eight children with several older siblings who are much older than him. "I was an uncle at nine!" James is an avid runner and a classically trained guitarist who still writes his own music and collaborates with a good musician friend back in Phoenix.

Photo of Lindsay Bowman

Lindsay Bowman
School of Nursing
Testing Coordinator, Duquesne alum and community volunteer

As part of the School of Nursing's Academic Affairs Office, Lindsay helps order, set up and provide technical and other logistical support for the Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) exams, ExamSoft and other exams for nursing students. A self-described organizational person at heart, she enjoys handling this type or work. "I love the challenge of organizing something that could be messy."