Lindsay Bowman

Testing Coordinator, School of Nursing

Photo of Lindsay BowmanDuquesne alum and community volunteer

As part of the School of Nursing's Academic Affairs Office, Lindsay helps order, set up and provide technical and other logistical support for the Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) exams, ExamSoft and other exams for nursing students. A self-described organizational person at heart, she enjoys handling this type or work. "I love the challenge of organizing something that could be messy."

"Sometimes there are technology issues that we can't fix." If that happens Lindsay and her coworkers do their best to help keep students calm and relaxed. "I've definitely learned how to help calm situations," said Bowman.

She has a professional background in elementary education and likes working with students. "Anytime I get to work with students it feels good to help them out."

Lindsay is approaching her third anniversary of being a staff member at Duquesne. As an alumna of the Duquesne University School of Education, she studied elementary education and taught in Virginia before moving to Pennsylvania to teach and also earn her Master's of Education in Reading and Language Arts. "I'm a (Duquesne) lifer!," she says.

"I always loved Duquesne, so I just kept looking for jobs here. Honestly I prayed about it and I felt like I was supposed to go more this track in life, more like the business end, then teaching and this position opened up and it just felt, it felt like a God thing. I applied and it seemed like the perfect fit. I just love the family feel here."

As a student, she liked the intimacy of campus with its closeness to downtown. "I also knew that Duquesne has a really good name, so I knew that wherever I went that held value."

She finds comfort in working at a Catholic university and being able to more freely express her religion. "It's really important to me." She also appreciates the respect and caring that people around campus show each other.

On her own time Lindsay serves as the Secretary of the Board and provides other assistance for Joel 2 Missions, an organization that provides housing, food, clothing, education, pastoral counseling and training to help people and children move forward from domestic violence. "I feel like Duquesne helped instill a lot of that." Even as a student she was in the coed teaching fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon and did various volunteer work.

In looking forward at her career at Duquesne she notes that, "as technology changes that will definitely change my role here and the testing process."