Rod Dobish

Facilities Management Department

Photo of Rod DobishAssociate Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer

The men and women of the Facilities Management Department are a critical part of campus and help keep everything running as smoothly as possible. They all take pride in their work and that starts at the top with Rod Dobish.

"Our job in this department is to provide a service to the campus. Everybody in this department gets it. They know what to do. No matter what their role is in this department they care about this institution and they work hard every day. To me, that's what I'm most proud of," Dobish says.

Dobish was first on the Bluff as an instructor with the ROTC program and was hired by the University in June of 1993. He started as the Assistant to the Director of Physical Plant. In that role he worked to help streamline operations and improve efficiency. He has since gone on to lead the now named Facilities Management Department as the AVP and Chief Facilities Officer. "Duquesne is a great place to work. We put in a lot of hours here but it's really like a labor of love."

He is also a co-founder of Duquesne's St. Anthony's Schools Program and supports the Bond Compliance, Labor Management, Labor Management Safety, and University Safety Committees.

When talking about the campus landscaping and grounds crews Dobish says that, "they do a great job. They care about this place and they're self-managed. They're a good crew here."

"Unlike the rest of the campus when things slow down in the summer, we don't. We ramp up in the summer." Facilities Management is not able to do bigger projects like renovations when a majority of the students are here. "We can do small projects but the big work gets boxed into a 13 week window. It gets really stressful in the middle of July because you're coming up on deadlines."

In speaking about the sense of community at Duquesne Dobish remarked that, "in 2003 I was still in the Reserves (with the PA National Guard) and I was one of two people from Duquesne who deployed to Iraq. This institution really took care of me while I was away. They made sure I didn't take a loss of pay. Now the policy has since changed. But I'll tell you, over a period of time when you deal with two unions like I do, you develop a lot of trust and goodwill with these guys by being consistent over a period of time. These guys have a special place in my heart because my son was small when I deployed, my wife was having trouble cutting the grass, these guys on their own time went over and cut my grass so my wife didn't have to worry about it." Other coworkers took his car for inspections. "These guys really took care of me and so did this institution."