Bridges - Duquesne University's Common Learning Experience

Bridges Common Learning Experience

Informed. Equipped. Inspired. Engaged.

Bridges launched Fall 2021

Pittsburgh is home to more than 400 bridges, and amid them all, atop the storied Bluff, stands Duquesne University. Our location allows students to study where possibilities extend in every direction. Our very founding was intended to help people from diverse backgrounds make a difference as leaders and helpers in their communities, and we live that mission today.

Grounded in Duquesne's Catholic and Spiritan heritage, and leveraging our historic expertise in the liberal arts and sciences, as well as Duquesne's other academic strengths, Bridges Common Learning Experience prepares students who are informed, equipped, inspired and engaged. 

Through the Bridges Curriculum, Duquesne students build knowledge and skills to become life-long, agile learners, succeed professionally, act ethically and contribute to the common good.