Student FAQ

Individual Capstone Project

What is the Bridges Capstone?

The Bridges Common Learning Experience includes a Capstone as a way to ensure every Duquesne undergraduate enjoys an occasion for to integrate, adapt, and apply the knowledge and experience acquired as undergraduate students, as well as reflect on their development as learners in light of the Bridges competencies and learning outcomes. Capstones can take the form of practicums, internships, student research, community engagement, and more. Some capstones can satisfy the Bridges Experiential Learning Opportunity but can also be free-standing.

I enrolled at Duquesne before Fall 2021. Do I need to meet the Capstone requirement?

Yes, if you enrolled at Duquesne in Fall 2020 or later. If you enrolled at Duquesne earlier than Fall 2020 you will not need to meet the requirement in order to graduate. If you transferred to Duquesne with an Associate's Degree you will not need to meet the requirement in order to graduate.

Do I need to complete an Individual Capstone proposal?

Most majors include a Capstone which is required as part of the major. You do not need to submit a Capstone proposal form for these. If you want to undertake an Individual Capstone (even if you already have a Capstone as part of your major), please complete the Individual Capstone Project proposal.

How do I design an Individual Capstone?

Invite a faculty member or an appropriate Duquesne staff member to serve as your Director. Discuss your idea and develop a plan. Complete and submit the Individual Capstone Project proposal. If your major does not already include a Capstone as a requirement for the major, be sure to allow sufficient time to plan an Individual Capstone, secure approval, and execute it.

Where do I find out my School's Capstone designee?

Department Chairs, program Directors, and Associate Deans can serve as School Designees.

Does an Individual Capstone have to be a course?

No. Some courses already qualify as Capstones. Individual Capstone projects can be linked to a course but can also be free-standing.

Can I use a past experience for an Individual Capstone?

Your Capstone requirement will be undertaken while enrolled at Duquesne.