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Information for Prospective Students

Bridges prepares you for what's next and ensures that you'll never have to narrow your ambitions. Explore how Bridges is built into your entire college experience.

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You can choose courses that interest you. The curriculum is designed to intersect with your major and to give you room to pursue courses and learning opportunities that excite you. While other institutions require a pre-determined set of survey courses, we take a choose-your-own-adventure approach. Know exactly where you want to go? We have a map for that. Ready to explore and discover new interests and talents? We have a map for that, too.


Bridges was designed with career-readiness in mind. We used data from employers and hiring managers to identify and embed skills they prioritize. Bridges courses prepare you to adapt and evolve in a dynamic professional landscape. They connect the specialized work you do in you major to relevant insights from other fields and opportunities for experiential learning, giving you knowledge you can leverage for success. Bridges will inform, equip, inspire and engage you.


We want to make friends with you and your college credits. Exam credits like AP, College in High School courses, transfer credits from other institutions: bring them with you! Bridges makes it easy to transfer and apply college credit to accelerate your progress to your degree. Learn more about our approach.


It's time for bigger goals and Bridges can help you reach them. Because of its flexible design, Bridges can help students who want to pursue credentials in addition to their major, such as certificates, minors or additional majors. Stacking credentials can diversify your skill sets and expand opportunities for employment or graduate study. So ask yourself, "What if?" and let our advisors and faculty help you expand your horizons.


Animated by our Catholic and Spiritan heritage, Duquesne is a distinctive place to learn. Since our founding we've offered education as a catalyst for building better futures with our students and our communities. Bridges introduces students to our heritage through courses that explore the riches of the Catholic intellectual tradition, develop skills for ethical reasoning, inspire a love of learning by asking essential questions, and get you engaged in communities, local and global.