Element 1.1-1 - COM Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

Element 1.1-2 - Duquesne University Mission Statement

Element 1.2 - Strategic Plan

Element 1.3 - Duquesne University Institutional Accreditation

Element 1.5b - COM Nondiscrimination Policy

Element 2.4 - Accreditation standard complaint policies and procedures

Element 4.2 - Security and Safety Policies and Procedures

Element 5.1 - Published professionalism policies, membership of the committee and description/charge of the committee that addresses professionalism issues

Element 5.3 - Policies and Procedures addressing safety and health issues

Element 5.4 - Policies addressing student supervision in patient care

Element 6.2 - Programmatic level educational objectives

Element 6.3 - Maximum length of completion (6 years) policy

Element 6.12 - Published COM COMLEX first time pass rates

Element 7.8 - Faculty Appointment and advancement policies and procedures

Element 8.1 - Research and Scholarly Strategic Plan

Element 8.4 - All student research and scholarly activity policies

Element 9.1-1 - Admission policies and procedures

Element 9.1-2 - Health and Technical Standards

Element 9.2 - Policies and procedures on academic standards

Element 9.3 - Transfer policies

Element 9.8 - Policies and procedures for students seeking counseling and mental health services

Element 9.9 - Policies and procedures for students seeking diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic health services

Element 9.10 - Policies and procedures on recusal from student assessment and promotion for health professionals providing services to students

Element 9.11 - Policies and procedures regarding health insurance for students

Element 10.1 - Public link where future match data will be published

COM Student Handbook