Picture of Fevzi Akinci

Fevzi Akinci, Ph.D., MHA
E-mail: akincifFREEDUQUESNEPhone: 412.396.5303

Image of Bridget Calhoun

Bridget Calhoun, Dr.P.H, M.M.S.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research

E-mail: calhounFREEDUQUESNE
Phone: 412.396.5917

Picture of Pam Poletti

Pam Poletti, B.S.P.S.
Assistant to the Dean

E-mail: polettipFREEDUQUESNEPhone: 412.396.5303

Image of Adriana Pearson

Adriana Pearson, M.A.
Director of Budget and Management

E-mail: pearsonaFREEDUQUESNE
Phone: 412.396.6225

Jeff Ptak

Jeff Ptak, MBA
Director of Enrollment Management

Phone: 412.396.5653 / 304 Rangos Hall

Jessica Roscoe Photo

Jessica Roscoe, M.Ed
Senior Student Success Coach: Athletic Training, Health Sciences and Physical Therapy

E-mail: roscoej1FREEDUQUESNE
Phone: 412.396.5534 / 306 Rangos Hall

Image of Heather Haskins

Heather Haskins, M.A.
Student Success Coach: Health Administration, Public Health and Speech-Language Pathology

E-mail: haskinshFREEDUQUESNE
Phone: 412.396.5551 / 315 Rangos Hall

Image of Justine Valenti

Justine Valenti, M.S. Ed.
Student Success Coach: Biomedical Engineering

E-mail: valenti815FREEDUQUESNE
Phone: 412.396.2662 / 307 Libermann Hall

Michael Williams

Michael Williams, M.A.
Student Success Coach: Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant Studies and the DCHI

E-mail: william1126FREEDUQUESNE
Phone: 412.396.5285 / 307 Rangos Hall

Maria Fischer, Administrative Assistant

E-mail: fischermFREEDUQUESNE
Phone: 412.396.5637

Michelle Leech

Michelle Leech, B.A., Clinical Contracts Specialist

E-mail: leechm1FREEDUQUESNE
Phone: 412.396.5338