Joint Degree - Athletic Training/Doctor of Physical Therapy

This joint degree opportunity is contingent upon space availability for each year.

To be eligible to apply internally during the freshman year into this joint degree program, a student must:

  1. Be enrolled as a freshman in either Athletic Training or Physical Therapy program
  2. Achieved an SAT score (Math + Verbal) of 1170 or better OR a composite ACT of 24 or better.
  3. Have successfully completed the first semester of required academic course work with a minimum of 3.0 QPA or higher
  4. Have a "B" or better in ALL laboratory sciences courses and labs

Application Process for the Joint Degree Program

1. A formal application to the joint degree program will be sent to all athletic training and physical therapy students during the spring semester of the freshman year. To be eligible to apply to the joint degree program a student must meet the following application requirements:

a. Submit a completed application form with an essay on the topic "How I Plan to Utilize both My Athletic Training and Physical Therapy Professional Credentials."

b. Have a successful interview with the faculty from the Department of Athletic Training and/or Physical Therapy. This interview will be scheduled through the Office of the Dean.

c. Have a minimum cumulative QPA of 3.00 at the end of the fall and spring semesters and a "B" or better in the first level of Biology and Chemistry courses and their associated labs.

2. All materials submitted and interview outcomes will be considered as part of the application review process. This is an objective and competitive process due to the limited number of available seats.

3. Formal notification of acceptance will occur after all coursework has been documented and all interviews have been completed.

Once Admitted into the Joint AT-DPT Program

1. The joint degree student must complete all Athletic Training requirements prior to graduation from the Athletic Training program and before being permitted to enter into the Professional Phase of the Physical Therapy Program. NOTE: A student coming from PT into the joint degree program will lose the ability to go back into just the PT program once enrolled in the AT/PT program. These requirements include:

a. Meet all requirements to maintain a seat in the Athletic Training Program.

b. Maintain a 3.0 QPA every semester and overall for each phase of the program; there are three phases included in this requirement: AT Pre-professional, AT Professional and PT Professional.

c. Be scheduled to sit for the professional boards, Board of Certification (BOC) Examination in Athletic Training

d. Complete the observation requirements for Physical Therapy of 50 hours of observation of a licensed Physical Therapist in a venue other than orthopedics and/or sports medicine.

AT-DPT Program Curriculum

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