Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Minor & Certificate are intended to provide a brief background in the same essential knowledge, substantive application and general perspectives provided in our Criminal Justice concentration for our Sociology majors. In addition, the Criminal Justice Minor and Certificate will take a conceptual approach to the material and will foster critical thinking about crime and the criminal justice system. Students will dive into the relationship between crime and society, which is situated in substantive applications to social problems and policy, societal dynamics and institutions, and the operation of the criminal justice system. Our minor and certificate provide students with a sociological perspective in understanding how crime and criminal justice systems are related to social inequality and social justice.


Program Type




Required Credit Hours


Minor Requirements

All students minoring in Criminal Justice must take the following course:

  • SOCI 103 Introduction to Criminal Justice

One course with a focus on inequality, examples of courses include:

  • SOCI 208 Racial and Ethnic Groups
  • SOCI 210 Sociology of Sex and Gender
  • SOCI 321 White Collar Crime
One of the following Theories of Crime courses:
  • SOCI 211 Social Deviance
  • SOCI 213 Criminology
  • SOCI 216 Delinquency and Society

Two other Sociology courses, some options include:

  • SOCI 211 Social Deviance
  • SOCI 212 Drugs and Society
  • SOCI 304 Introduction to Peace and Justice
  • SOCI 370 Gender, Crime and Justice
Criminal Justice certificate requirements mirror that of the minor, but includes a fieldwork requirement. Students should consult the Sociology department about fieldwork opportunities that are available to them.

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