Photography and Film

Photography and Film examines theories, practices and the history of "lens-based" media, incorporating design and technological processes used for product deployment in these areas. Students use storytelling techniques, coupled with visual representation, to communicate ideas through sight and sound. Visual artists in the program, through visual design theory and individual experimentation, experience a project-based curriculum, preparing them to contribute to the industry through employment and/or entrepreneurship.


Program Type



Certificate, Master's

Required Credit Hours


Courses for the Photography & Film MFA

  • ADPR 567 Media Research Methods
  • DMA 501 Introduction to Media Design
  • MDIA 565 Ethical Issues in Media
  • MDIA 582 Legal Issues in Media Law
  • MDIA 700 Project/Thesis
  • DMA 505 Graphic Design Process
  • DMA 579 Digital Video Production Studio I
  • DMA 583 Photography Studio I
  • DMA 583 Photography Studio II
  • DMA XXX (TBD) Digital Video Production Studio I
  • MDIA 571 Media Writing
  • MDIA 571 Investigative Reporting
  • 2 Media elective courses