Philosophy and Law Dual Degree

Torn between an advanced master's and a law degree? Look no further! This joint degree is offered through the collaboration of the Duquesne University School of Law and the McAnulty Graduate School of Liberal Arts. The purpose of this joint degree is to allow students the opportunity to gain the benefits of a rigorous study of philosophy while completing their law degree.

Students will be required to complete credit hours for the joint J.D./M.A. in Philosophy program in accordance with the credit requirements corresponding to each degree. Students also remain responsible for satisfying any additional graduation requirements, as dictated each program's guidelines. In regards to the completion of the J.D. credit requirements, students must obtain eighty-eight (88) credit hours, twelve (12) of which can derive from graduate philosophy courses. Based on the uniform allocation of credits for graduate philosophy courses, all classes being worth three (3) credit hours, a student may only apply four (4) courses towards the J.D. credit requirement.

Concerning the completion of the M.A. in Philosophy credit requirements, students must complete thirty (30) credit hours, twenty-four (24) of which must be derived from courses offered via the Graduate Philosophy Department. Based on the credit allocation to the aforementioned courses, three (3) credits, students are required to take eight (8) graduate philosophy courses. Concerning the six (6) additional credits needed to reach the thirty (30) credit requirement for the degree, students may use up to six (6) credits obtained by the completion of qualifying courses offered via the School of Law. Due to the fact that courses offered by the School of Law vary in regards to credit hours, usually between two (2) and three (3), participating students have flexibility concerning the manner in which the six (6) credits are obtained.

A 15-credit limitation, per semester, is placed on all students enrolled in the program, except for students engaging in their first year of legal study. Students are not permitted to take any graduate philosophy courses during the first year (day or evening) of law course work.

Candidates may begin in either the School of Law or McAnulty Graduate School of Liberal Arts.


Program Type

Dual Degree


Master's, Doctorate

Required Credit Hours