M.S. in Environmental Science and Management / J.D.

The School of Sciences and the School of Law have collaborated to create an exceptional joint degree program, enabling students to earn both a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Management and a Juris Doctor in just four years. During the first year of study, students focus solely on the School of Law curriculum. From the second year onwards, the program is jointly conducted by the School of Law and the School of Sciences, offering a unique blend of coursework from both schools. Aspiring students need to apply independently to each school and consult with the Program Directors of each school to plan their respective programs, ensuring a smooth and successful journey.

Please find below the program requirements for this distinctive opportunity.

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Program Information

This is a dual degree program that allows students to earn their juris doctor and master of science in Environmental Science and Management in four years.

Program Type

Dual Degree



Required Credit Hours


Credit Requirements

Specific course requirements and limitations may be obtained from the School of Law Admissions Office and the Bayer School of Sciences Graduate Advisor.

  • Students must take a minimum of 24 credits of course work in the Environmental Science and Management program.
  • In addition to Environmental Science and Management course work, students must complete one approved internship.
  • Students are required to plan courses with a Graduate Advisor.
  • 15 credit hours of course work permitted per semester, including courses from both disciplines.
  • 3 credit hours may be permitted for a Law School clinical course.
  • Students are required to provide the Law School Registrar with a copy of their graduate elective course schedule.

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Mary Kate Ranii

Graduate Student Success Coach & Program Administrator

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