M.S. in Environmental Science and Management/M.B.A. in Sustainable Business Practices

The Master of Science in Environmental Science and Management (ESM)/Master of Business Administration joint degree program provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to accelerate their learning journey in environmental science and business, crossing academic disciplines. This program is designed to cater to the needs of students who aspire to gain an in-depth understanding of both fields simultaneously. Upon admission, students need to apply independently to each school and plan their respective programs with the guidance of the Program Director in each school.

Through this joint degree program, students can gain a comprehensive understanding of business concepts, including financial management, strategic planning, and organizational behavior, in addition to the core curriculum in environmental science. This program offers a fast-track option for students looking to enhance their career opportunities and make a lasting impact on the environment.

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Program Information

This program is designed for students who seek to combine their depth of knowledge in Environmental Science with a comprehensive understanding of business.

Program Type

Dual Degree

Required Credit Hours

69 credits

Environmental Science Course Offerings

  • ENVI 501 Ornithology
  • ENVI 502 Plant Biodiversity
  • ENVI 503 Sustainable Agriculture
  • ENVI 504 Computer Tools for Scientists
  • ENVI 520 GIS for Environmental Professionals
  • ENVI 521 Project Management
  • ENVI 531 Environmental Management
  • ENVI 533W Writing for Environmental Professionals
  • ENVI 537 Environmental Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving
  • ENVI 540 Environmental Law
  • ENVI 542 Sustainable Business Practices
  • ENVI 544 Public Policy and Environmental Politics
  • ENVI 549 Fate & Transport
  • ENVI 551 Principles of Environmental Science
  • ENVI 552 Environmental Chemistry
  • ENVI 556 Water, Environment and Development
  • ENVI 566 Terrestrial Field Biology
  • ENVI 570 Fundamentals of Air Pollution Prevention & Control
  • ENVI 571 Fundamentals of Water Pollution Prevention & Control
  • ENVI 572 Fundamentals of Solid and Hazardous Waste Pollution Prevention & Control
  • ENVI 580 Fluid Mechanics
  • ENVI 591 Environmental Hydrogeology
  • ENVI 592W Stream Field Biology
  • ENVI 594 Environmental Sampling & Analyses
  • ENVI 597 Applied & Environmental Microbiology
  • ENVI 599 Microbial Ecology
  • ENVI 600-603 Internships
  • ENVI 650 Conservation Biology
  • ENVI 670 Environmental Toxicology
  • ENVI 672 Environmental Biology
  • ENVI 690 Independent Study
  • ENVI 693 Environmental Science Experience in Belize
  • ENVI 700 Thesis Research

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