Professional Certificate in Environmental Science

An Environmental Science professional certificate program is focused on your goals and interests, allowing you to tailor the curriculum to meet your specific needs. You will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics, including environmental chemistry, ecology, environmental risk assessment, environmental policy and regulation, sustainable development and environmental management. Additionally, you can choose to specialize in an area of environmental science that interests you, such as conservation biology, energy and climate change or environmental justice.

Upon completing an Environmental Science professional certificate program, you will be well-prepared to pursue a variety of careers in the environmental science industry. This includes positions in government agencies, non-profit organizations, environmental consulting firms and private industry.

Overall, an Environmental Science professional certificate program is an excellent way to gain valuable knowledge and skills in the field of environmental science and management, and to achieve your career goals. Whether you are looking to upgrade your skills or enter the environmental science industry, an Environmental Science professional certificate can help you get there.

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Program Information

This program will provide you with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and hands-on experience that will allow you to develop the skills needed to collect and analyze environmental data, as well as to develop and implement effective environmental management strategies.



Required Credit Hours