About the Grant Program

There are four phases to prepare for the SANE certification exam, in accordance with IAFN Guidelines, that this grant-funded program will provide.

Online Didactic Course Nurses will learn the theory, research base, and legal rationales  for protocols used by SANEs in this 8-week course. 
Clinical Preceptor Course Administered by Expert SANE nurses, this 2-day course is 
the entry point for those that have already completed the 
didactic course.
Mentorship Program Nurses have access to Expert SANE case review and
supervision during the remainder of 300 SANE-related 
clinical hours they serve at their practicing institute or hospital.
Review Course Nurses return to the "online classroom" for certification exam preparation in this 15-hour, 3-week session.

The program ends with nurses applying for certification through IAFN. Fees associated with IAFN SANE-A certification exam registration will be paid for by the grant.

Eligibility for the SANE Grant

The program is for nurses who:

  • Do not have SANE Preceptor in their facility
  • Work in a setting where they will have access to practice sexual assault exams upon completing the CPC
  • Are proficient in -- or have concrete plans to obtain a preceptorship to learn -- the "normal" pelvic exam before attending the CPC

Acceptance into this program requires a commitment to stay in communication with program staff through to completion of the IAFN SANE certification exam. Active participation in all phases of the program from point of enrollment is also required.

SANE Adult/Adolescent Grant Program

Didactic Course

Learn theory, research base, and legal rationales for protocols used by SANEs. 

Timeline: 10 Weeks, 55 contact hours

Platform: Online, self-paced 


Hands-on clinical skills course with standardized patient pelvic training and mock exam.

Timeline: 2.5 Days

Platform: In-person, Pittsburgh, PA


Access to Expert SANE case review and supervision during the remainder of 300 SANE-related clinical hours at practicing facility or hospital.

  1. Individual Support Sessions
  2. Monthly Educational Sessions
  3. Quarterly Case Review

Timeline: Varies in length and CE contact hours.

  1. Varies/no CE contact hours
  2. 1 hour each; last Tuesday of every month, 5 p.m.
    1 contact hour each; 6 times per year
  3. 1.5 hours each; Mondays, 6 p.m.
    4 times per year; 1.5 contact hours each.

Platform: Online/Virtual, access to online classroom and Zoom video conferencing. 1) Phone/Zoom 2) Zoom (live and recorded) and 3) Zoom (live only).

Review Course

Return to the "online classroom" for certification exam preparation.

Timeline: 12 weeks, 6 CE contact hours

Platform: Online, self-paced


Exam fee paid for by grant if nurse participated in all applicable parts of program.

Timeline: Offered twice a year, April and September

Platform: In-person, at a local testing site or remotely

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