John David is a student in our Second-Degree nursing program (expected graduation, August 2023) and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of his nursing journey. 

Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to help people. Throughout my education, I have always been interested in healthcare and learning how impactful healthcare workers are in the lives of so many people. The nursing profession is diverse when it comes to what one can do. You can start your career at a hospital as an RN and later find yourself becoming a nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist or professor! There are so many opportunities in this profession that it encouraged me to want to go for it. 
I see advocacy being a significant part of my nursing career. Before nursing school, I completed my bachelor’s degree in political science. I learned so much as to why certain things are the way that they are and how policies, for example, affect certain populations. I learned about injustices and disparities that are present in this country, and I have always wanted to see that change. It is important to advocate for marginalized communities. Everyone deserves to have equal access to healthcare and a high quality of life. I do not only see myself advocating for marginalized communities but for nurses as well. I am aware of nursing shortages occurring which do have a negative impact on hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Nurses have a role in being the backbone of this nation’s healthcare system. Policymakers must take the time to listen to nurses regarding their working conditions. Safe nurse-to-patient ratios, maintaining a stable life-work balance, and prioritizing the mental and physical health of nurses are only a couple of things that need to be improved. For that to become a reality, nurses coming together to advocate for these things can make a better change for all in this profession.  
My favorite nursing experience to date was during clinical. I am grateful to have been a part of such an amazing and supportive clinical group. We met many patients who showed joy and kindness, despite challenges to their health. Seeing how happy patients were to see us and always wishing us luck with our nursing journeys, made me excited for when we start our careers. It was a great learning opportunity to see how nurses collaborated with their patients. They do so much for their patients and show why they have such a powerful role in healthcare. 
What would I say to others considering nursing as a career? Go for it! Yes, nursing school can be difficult at times, but amazing things are waiting for you once you graduate and get your license. You will be part of a huge community that focuses on caring for people and making things better for a town, a city, a nation and maybe even for the world!   
As a future nurse, I see myself as a collaborator with other nurses and healthcare workers. It is important to make a working environment welcoming and supportive. No one deserves to be taking care of patients while being in a hostile environment. That can harm the workers as well as the patient. I want to be there for my future colleagues and let them know that I am always willing to help. I also want to strengthen my communication skills as it is an important skill in healthcare. When communication is clear and efficient, it can help healthcare workers build trust with patients, as well as educate them in knowing more about their health, and reducing the risk of errors.  
I chose to attend Duquesne Nursing because of the amazing faculty. They deeply care for students and their academic success, and make a huge difference for the new generation of nurses. This school has also been doing an amazing job with preparation for the NCLEX, which was one of my biggest reasons for choosing Duquesne.  

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February 13, 2023