Nursing Professor Jim Schreiber, PhD and Associate Professor Melanie Turk, PhD, RN have released "Statistics and Data Analysis Literacy for Nurses." This essential text, published by Springer, was written as a pathway for DNP professionals to enhance their statistical literacy and engage in quantitative research. 

Historically, Ph.D. educated nurses focused on quantitative research, but more DNP professionals need this skill set to evaluate evidence for use in practice and quality improvement initiatives. Over the next decade, the growth rate for mathematicians and statisticians is very high, greater than 30%, but most of those will be replacement positions. 
Therefore, there will continue to be a need for professionals with knowledge and skills in applied statistical analysis. The book is designed with two components, the conceptual understanding of each analysis through graphic representation and narrative content, and the technical understanding of the analysis through examples. 
“We think the largest value of this book is the move to make quantitative analysis more inclusive for individuals with less experience,” explained Schreiber. “And yet, it will allow instructors to easily include more technical and mathematical aspects of analyses than we present."

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January 24, 2023


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Melanie Turk, PhD, RN

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Melanie Turk, PhD, RN