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The Chemistry and Biochemistry undergraduate programs build on a core of courses covering the principal areas of chemistry as an intellectual foundation for the five main areas of chemistry, with an emphasis on research skill development. You will gain a fundamental understanding of biochemistry, organic, inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry. Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills applicable to a variety of fields and graduate programs. 

Undergraduate Programs

BS Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program is designed to equip you with comprehensive coursework, hands-on laboratory experience, and research opportunities, priming you for both advanced degrees in the sciences and a pathway toward diverse careers in allied health professions.

BS Biochemistry

The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry explores organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry, biology, genetics, and biochemistry, with the flexibility to tailor your studies towards advanced topics focusing on the chemistry of biological systems that match your passions.

BS Biochemistry- Health Professions Track

Looking to enter various health-related postgraduate schools such as medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy? The B.S. in Biochemistry-Health Professions Track program equips you with all the necessary coursework for admission, covering a wide range of health-related disciplines.


If you're aiming for greater respect and recognition in the field of chemistry, consider pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry ACS-certified degree, which is certified by the American Chemical Society and provides a well-rounded chemistry education.

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"I was impressed by my professor's willingness to help and the undergraduate research opportunities available. I have the freedom to work on my own research projects and the guidance to work through problems when needed."

Lydia Grimaldi BS in Biochemistry, Minors in Math and Public Health