Research Opportunities Starting in Your First Year 

From the moment you step on campus, you’ll participate in hands-on research and other experiences that will prepare you for your bigger goals of being a scientist. You’ll work alongside our world-renowned faculty in research funded by the federal government and private organizations in our super labs with state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation, such as nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and confocal microscopes, to name just a few. And along the way, you will share your research with faculty, peers and potential employers by attending or presenting at various conferences, including at Duquesne’s Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Summer Undergraduate Research Programs

General Overview

Our students enjoy the URP experiences, working closely with faculty and the relationships they have built at Duquesne.
The Summer Undergraduate Research Program (URP) is a paid summer experience that provides students with essential research experiences for careers in STEM-based fields. Over the course of ten weeks, students engage in research, community engagement, seminar series, ethics education, and culminates in a research symposium.

School of Science and Engineering

A picture of students in the undergraduate research program

The School of Science and Engineering summer undergraduate research program is an exclusive opportunity for undergraduates within the School of Science and Engineering. Applicants will be chosen based on their academic achievements, previous lab experience, and potential in their respective fields. The program offers undergraduate research positions in various disciplines, including biochemistry, biology, chemistry, environmental science, forensic science and law, and physics.

To apply for the program, students are required to complete the application form provided below. Additionally, they must submit one letter of recommendation from a faculty member at Duquesne University, as well as their Duquesne transcript. 2024 application information will be available soon!


computational chemistry urp students

The Integrated Computational and Experimental Chemistry NSF-REU Program welcomes applications from undergraduate students majoring in biochemistry and chemistry. This program is made possible through the collaboration of the U.S. Department of Defense's Awards to Stimulate and Support Undergraduate Research Education (ASSURE) program and the National Science Foundation's Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) program.

2024 application information will be available soon!

PURE and/or NURE

PURE-NURE students

The Pain Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE) and Neurodegenerative Undergraduate Research Experience (NURE) summer programs are inviting applications from undergraduate students majoring in biology, pharmacy, chemistry, biochemistry, psychology, and health science. These programs focus on pain and/or neuroscience research.

Funding for these programs is currently provided by the National Institutes of Health NINDS R25 Summer Research Experience Grant. In the past, they have also received generous support from the Duquesne University Charles Henry Leach II Fund and the Duquesne Office of the Provost. 2024 application information will be available soon!

You’ll Gain Hands-On Research Experience at Duquesne’s Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

Duquesne students and Faculty
At the URP symposium, Duquesne students showcased their research, fostering knowledge exchange, networking within the scientific community, and engaging with faculty members and peers.

Here at Duquesne it is our joy to provide you with hands-on research opportunities. Each summer more than 125 students from Duquesne, as well as other universities across the country, apply to participate in the Undergraduate Research Symposium (URP)—one of the largest programs of its kind in Pennsylvania!

You will established meaningful connections within the scientific community and peers during the 10-week, summer program that offers you opportunities to: 

  • Conduct research in chemistry, biology, pain research and neurodegeneration research
  • Explore various science-related fields and careers
  • Participate in community engagement projects and ethics education
  • Present your findings at an on-campus research symposium 
  • Engage with faculty members, industry professionals and fellow researchers

Learn More about Duquesne’s Summer Undergraduate Research Programs! This year's program runs from May 20-July 26, 2024. Application information will be available soon!