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Digital Stories

Upon completion in the CES program, each student is asked to compose a capstone project which includes a digital story summarizing what they have learned during the semester as well as how they will use this knowledge in the future. Here are some examples of the digital stories created by former scholars and their experiences in the CES program:


           Sophia Bakar

         (Casa San Jose)

      Emma Rae Ranger

   (Operation Safety Net)

             Madeline Perry

(Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh)


         Katie Evans 

  (Operation Safety Net)


       ShyAnn Gajcowski

(Carnegie Library of Pittburgh                          -Hill District)


           Alexis Jimenez

          (Casa San Jose) 

         Elsa Buehler

(Hill House Association)


              Kim Bischof

(Pennsylvania Resources Council)


          Alanna Mecca


         Alexis Dixon

  (Operation Safety Net)

             Victoria Dedebo

             (Casa San Jose)

                 Casey Black 

    (Community Human Services)

              Adam Milyak

        (Clean Water Action)