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Successful partnerships are the core of community engagement. CETR provides support to ensure the sustainability of our community-university partnerships and the meaningful teaching, learning and research they enable.


Collaboratory is an institutional database that holds data on Duquesne's community engagement and public service activities. Through this platform, we can tell the story of Duquesne's meaningful contributions to the health and vibrancy of Pittsburgh and beyond. Learn more about finding a partner using Collaboratory

Available Resources

CETR offers partners customizable support packages for resources including:

  • Transportation assistance
  • Access to University facilities and catering services for events
  • Access to expertise and consultations for business related programs and initiatives
  • Financial support in the form of speaking honorariums, stipends for project-based work and co-teaching, grants for operational support completed in partnership with a Duquesne University community member, etc.

Current Partners

We share knowledge and resources with our current partners to strengthen civic and democratic values and address critical community issues in many areas:

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Partner with CETR

Contact us for more information about partnering with CETR: