Collaborative Teaching for the Common Good Grant


The Center for Catholic Faith and Culture (CCFC) and the Center for Community Engaged Teaching and Research (CETR) invite you to submit an application for the Collaborative Teaching for the Common Good Grant. This grant is designed to support the cooperative effort of a Duquesne faculty person to team teach a community-engaged course with a community partner of their choosing.


The Collaborative Teaching for the Common Good grant competition is open to all full-time Duquesne faculty with continuing full-time faculty appointments. Grant recipients must be community partners engaged in a team-taught course with said faculty member.

The grant will serve to support a community partner in educating students alongside a Duquesne faculty member in ways that support civic learning and the common good, thanks to the Henry Luce Foundation. Therefore, $6,000 will be awarded to a partner to serve as an adjunct faculty member, payable biweekly during the semester in which the course is taught.

Please note: the community partner will need approval of the regular faculty member's Dean and will have to complete necessary paperwork with HR and undergo the standard University clearance processes. CCFC will cover the cost of fringe benefits attached to the adjunct salary.

Application Guidelines:

A proposal, not to exceed three (3) double spaced pages, describing the nature of the courses and project is required. Please submit your proposal here

*Questions can be directed to Dr. Jessican Mann, Director of CETR here