April CETR Journal Club

  • 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Facilitated by: Dr. Jessica Mann and Dr. Daniel Casebeer

In April, we are excited to continue our CETR Journal Club with Dr. Daniel Casebeer, Associate Professor in the School of Education and Applied Social Sciences at Seton Hill University, and Dr. Jessica Mann, Assistant Vice President of Community Engagement at Duquesne University. They will discuss their forthcoming article in the Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education titled, "Mapping moral development: A case study of service-learning in the Midwest."

This study explores the relationship between service-learning and moral development. During a phenomenographic examination of a service-learning project, researchers identified ways participants conceived of justice. These conceptions were analyzed with a Neo-Kohlbergian approach to post-conventional moral thinking and mapped using social cartography. Findings indicate that immersion programs can provide participants with nominal opportunities for moral development and that there is a need for additional supports and future research on the longitudinal effects of service-learning.

In addition to discussing the content and findings, they plan to talk about the rigorous review and editing process as well as how a methodology or framework can be a hard sell.