Community-Engaged Research Methods Forum - Dr. Kronk, Delphi Method

  • 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • CETR Conference Room, 20 Chatham Square, Murphy Building

Our first presenter in the research methods forum is Dr. Rebecca Kronk from the school of nursing. Dr. Kronk will be presenting research conducted on the Delphi Method.

The purpose of the presentation is twofold. First, we will discuss the characteristics and principles of the Delphi methodology. Dr. Kronk will offer her own learning curve and experience while addressing such questions as - What are the time requirements? How many rounds are needed? Do I have enough participants? Who are the participants? How do I know the findings are significant? Can Delphi be mixed methods?

Second, participants will be able to explore the application of the Delphi technique to community-engaged participatory research. The following two articles will provide the basis for the discussions:

  • Development of Prelicensure Nursing Competencies in Caring for People with Disabilities Through Delphi Methodology- see attached
  • After 10 Years: A Vision Forward for Progress in Community Health Partnerships - Read more here